Sunday, June 14, 2009

Do you want me to stay, Do you want me to go?

The Spill Canvas - 3685

My empty promises
Led to our demise
And I could never tell you
How I really feel
And for that
I eternally apologize

I hope you never forget
The tapping at your window
With the harsh cold and the jealousy
Running through my bones
We were both selfish,
But I think I was more

I would like to thank you,
For showing me
A part of myself
That I have never seen
Yeah, we were young and dumb,
But it still was fun
And I guess these things
Just tend to fall apart
And I hope you feel the same

My empty promises
My empty promises
Brought us to an end
I just hurt you
And I never looked back
Now I have no logic to defend

I hope you never forget
The tapping at your window
With the harsh cold and the jealousy
Running through my bones
We were both selfish,
But I think I was more

I would like to thank you,
For showing me
A part of myself
That I have never seen
Yeah, we were young and dumb,
But it still was fun
And I guess these things
Just tend to fall apart

I would like to thank you,
For showing me
A part of the world
That I have never seen
Yeah, I was young and dumb,
But it still was fun
I'm forever indebted to you
I hope you feel the same

Monday, June 01, 2009


Its the holidays again, its just 2 weeks for this semester. Well good enough if you plan well for it.
I have no big plans. But Im planning to go KL, yeah just Kuala Lumpur and not Thailand Singapore Hong Kong or China. Getting a rear spoiler for my car and some accessories, Pili will be joining me to do his car allignment too. Basically its the guys day out.
Im hoping that Danny would be able to cope up with us too.


"Birds of a feather, they flock together"


Besides that I did thought of going to Singapore too to get my Autoart Nissan GTR R35.

It will cost around RM450.00 in Malaysia, but around $150 SGD if in Singapore. You do the calculations. You'll save about RM100. However, hassle bassling around has to be taken into consideration too. ArGH I SO WANT THIS CAR!

Will try to look for it in KL for better prices. Well besides diecast hunting, I wanted to eat the Segambut Tom Yam too.. It costs like RM17 per bowl but heck! It makes your tongue wet like it has not been wet before. LoL.

Well I'll try to clean up my room and blog about it. Haha. Dont have time(yea right) to clean it up lately. I dont know what Im so busy about also. Lecture notes and exam papers all over my room. And so till then . . .

Have a nice day,

Best regards,

Monday, March 30, 2009

Fender Stratocaster ST-43

Alrights, finally I owned a Fender. I cant believe it. Im holding it and molesting it every single day. Whats Fender? I dont know much about. As far as Im concerned, Fender is a world known guitar-maker that is popular for their Stratocaster design electric guitars. Which guitarist dont know what is Fender, I have no comments. But to those who doenst really play music but loves music, Im sure you've seen a Stratocaster guitar at least once in MTV or in your life. It goes something like this...

Me being crazed about Fender,
I bought a Fender strap at Bentley when I was in KL.

The headstock has a smooth finishing.

The Japan Fender Logo.

Ebony rosewood fretboard. Try to compare with normal electric guitars fretboard.


Well, I can't really afford a US made Fender. Easily costs RM4,000+ over here.
And so I get a Japan made. Its more superior compared to Mexican made.
A little inferior compared to US made. Differences are workmanships, finishing, type of wood, hardwares, pickups. Basically US Fender uses higher grade accesories.
P/S: China doenst produce Fenders by the way. But soon it might be.

And so I hung it on the wall.

There are a few reasons why I purchased Fender. There are alot of other guitar brands and shapes. Lespaul, Telecasters, ES, SG, Jazzmaster and many more. There are many more known brands, Gibson, Ibanez, Yamaha, Washburn, Samick, SX, and many more. Why I chose Fender?

Well, mainly its because I'm in Cross Fusion for a year already, and we've been playing fusion music, most of it jazz and blues, a little of rock and commercial songs. I was using an SG and lately my Orville by Gibson, Les Paul Custom. I found that the sound that it produce doenst really suite the bands genre. Of course there are times where they came to use. As musicians we need to be flexible and technical at times, choosing the best weapons to kill.
A Fender Strat is totally known in blues and rock&roll genre, to me, its a guitar to own in a guitarist lifetime. And so I got it. Besides that, other reasons were influences of artistes. Kinda lame, but it just gives you personality and confidence. Maybe a little placebo effect.

John Mayer & Eric Clapton. Both with Black Strats.

Maybe with a Fender I'd be able to do that kind of face?

You'll look great in Suite + a Fender in your arms.

John Mayer.

Maybe with a Fender you'll play with better feel?

Take a quick guess whos this? Jesus on a Strat?

Nope, thats not Jesus, thats Eric Clapton. He's a Strat user since 1977 then. He's once being regarded as God. And theres a story behind the phrase "Clapton Is God".

Mayer has his influences from Clapton.

Well there are alot more Strats users in the music industry, but John Mayer and Eric Clapton is one of my favorites musicians that has influenced and inspired me.

Get your Fender today!

P/S: If any Fender staff is looking at this great advertisement and willing to sponsor me a US Strat as a gratitude, email me at Muahaha.

Thats all for today!

Have a nice day,

Best regards,

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Mid term break

And so I planned to go KL to get my guitar. Initially the plan was only me, Kyesiang and Shulynn. But the day before, Sasa mentioned she wanted to tag alot. I told myself, "Why not?" lol. And so yeah we headed to KL on Sunday morning, fetched the 2 girls and Kyesiang, and we reached KL about 2.30pm. At the same time the motive of the trip is to run my 206. Manage to hit 130kmh with 4 person in the car and large amount of luggage.. You know la girls bring watever they can grab, I can't believe Sasa brought her Hair dryer too. Lols for that.

Thanks to my dad for the accomodation near KLCC. We lepaked around town and then the next day we went up Genting. Nice weather over there. Packed with people. And I went in casino for the first time. Thought of trying my luck. But then im so "kedekut" until gamble also I'm not interested haha. I wanted to sleep early that night, but we had a long story session then. Lol to that too. Was a great time.

After the nxt day, we are back to KL and Danny took leave especialy for us. Thanks to him!
He's our GPS brought us around. Went to Murni SS2 to makan.. Nice food, but I think Williams is better. And we ate really alot during this trip. Collected my guitar around that area too. The next day we spend whole day shopping and going to malls after malls. At night then we went to Sunway, Kyesiang wanted to play Bowling. We even brought our bowling balls way back from Melaka to bowl. We headed to Asia Cafe to makan to send Shulynn home. Her brother then fetch her frm there, and we head back to Malacca. I've skipped many chapters in this trip. It definitely was better than what i've mentioned here. I felt like going to KL anytime soon again to experience the places and activities.

P/S: I just dont like the jams.

Have a nice day,

Best regards,

Sunday, March 22, 2009

A Little Bit Of Me.

To friends that had known me, they'll know that Im a very peaceful person, soft, often avoid trouble, often about finding trouble, often get into trouble. Im just not use into fights and arguements, but once in a blue moon I might just break because I've kept all the anger just for too long.

At the same time, some might realise that Im a little "kedekut" when it comes to money. Yes, I admit I am, I dont simply spend on people, unless I know that its worth it. I dont spend on people unless they spent on me. To make simple, I'll remember who helped me, and I'll try my best to give them back. As a "kedekut" person, you'll remember who owes you, and you'll definitely remember to whom you owe to.

Anyway, here's some comment from some of people who bought some items online through me.

Image Hosted by

Sent this item through Pos Malaysia e-domestic parcel. Its superbly cheap. Sending to Sarawak only costs RM8. Previously I sent a slightly larger package to the same person, using Pos Laju, it costs me RM80. Its like 10 times cheaper?
But the costs? Look at the picture, they dont really take care your item. Its as though they raped your parcel. However, the reciever didnt really mind because I gave him a very good offer and services. He said he'lll gonna buy more from me in the coming weeks, thanks to him, now I have enough cash to get my ............

Image Hosted by

Heading to KL soon for holidays! Yay feeling nervous and yet happy.
Thats all for now!

Have a nice day,

Best regards,

Sunday, March 15, 2009

FORD 2005 Shelby GT500 Concept by AutoArt

Had a wonderful performance with Cross Fusion yesterday for Charles wedding.
His wedding was a blast and different from what I've attended before.
With video presentation on how he went to pickup his bride, how his best mans kena bully by the brides side. Nice to see, but not nice to experience.

Playing in Cross Fusion has been a very great honor to me in this life. Though as a Rythmist of Cross Fusion, I do feel proud being in it. Its because I can see where the band is heading with the level of commitments shown and technicality that is prevailed.

It was a very tiring day ytd, but I woke up early today surprisingly. I guess Im just too happy about yesterday. And so I went to do some outdoor shots as I said I would do decades ago. Here it is. The RED Muscle.

P/S: pictures are in a very random order.

Unveiling the Cobra.

Spreading the fangs.


Very impressive in scalablity.

Detailed with Hood holder and Windscreens. Something that other manufacturers didnt offer.

Carpeted interior. With Pedals.

Sweetly detailed.

Look at the bulbs.

Chromed Exhausts.

The emblem.

Engine cover.

Please refill water.

The Cobra's Heart.

One of the sexiest part of the car.

This would make a stunning wall paper.

That reflections would not come without polishing it frequently.

Even the tiniest word are printed clearly.

A must get AutoArt 1/18.

Ready to go!
Im not promoting for AutoArt. But I do highly respect Ford for making such a masterpiece.
I wouldnt know about its performance, but it surely looks good.
Thats why it's made the American Icon car.
That is why Knight Rider uses it as a prototype car.
That is why it's in Transformers The Movie.
That is why I bought this car.
Grab fast, even though its 2nd-hand or Back In Box. Because ... .. .

Image Hosted by

Have a nice day,
Best regards,

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Moving on . . .

Its my dads birthday then, 18th of February. I felt bad for not wishing him today, for not waking up early to wish him, for coming back late to have dinner with him, and to reach home late night when he's asleep in front of my eyes.
Im surely gonna wish him tomorrow and present him this....

Well, its my favorite collection in the garage.
But its the thought that counts.

Just back from Pili's grandmother's night visit. Had a nice talk with them though we are the only guests there. It was me, Tiat, Suah, Pili, and Pishen. Come to think about it, its nice to just have talk among guys ourselves. No boundaries, just cock.

Things are getting overrated lately, I must promise myself to take away desperation from my senses. As it's already draw its blood on me. It dont feel good, and its coming hardly on me. I donot know why it always had to end up like this, but it did. There's no regrets, but just dissatisfaction. I was felt I was the dummy in the whole drama, in fact, I still feel it now. I had to move on.

Emo Rider.

There are things that we're not meant to be told. And there are things that I do not wish to know. I tried my best to hide my expressions. But stupidly I think I did terribly bad. I never wanted to be insecured.

But, Life Goes On.

"There are things to let go, there are things to hold on to, there were always reasons for the word emo." - The Truth.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

When you bend, you break entirely.

You felt like breaking,
You felt helpless,
You felt hopeless,
You felt just like bursting into pieces.

When these sadistic feelings come, thoughts like doing something random,
supressing yourself in the dark, letting others realise your reason to be that way, but you just wont tell. You want them to know the reasons themselves.
Sometimes, its logical to make them realise themselves, but at times, they had no idea whats going on.

There's so many things to do to avoid these thoughts poisoning your emotions. But what could you do? You feel like avoiding it, but it could never happen, we human were never be able to avoid reality.

My tips is, be thankful of what you are now. Always think that you're better in a way. And stick to that point. It'll make you smile for a bit. Let me give you an example:

If A is much more smarter than you, does excellently in his/her academics. Maybe you could put in mind that you're much better looking and attractive than him. Perhaps for my case, I can say "If he's fkin good in studies, can he play badminton or so and so.." - this is just an example, Im not that envious till that level. LoL.

"Besides trying to do something to avoid things, try to put some good thoughts bout yourself to chill you down a little." - The Truth

Have a nice day,

Best regards,

Monday, February 16, 2009

It is true..

It is true when they said... when a girl or a guy appear in your friendship, they will take your friend away.

Its not just what they said, its what I've discovered myself.
Had a friend with the same experience, I hope the coming dont bitched me up the same way.
Whatever I wish would never be likely to happen, but hey. Whats the fuss about?
No matter what they say, it will always make a difference.
Its not something worth to worry either, but then, you couldn't expect for more.

What can you do? Easy. Be SELFISH as you can be.

I hate this week. I felt like i should either be quiet and let everyone else do the talking.
I always wanted, I always tried to be the quiet one, but it often seem to fail.

The more I talk, I come back realising all the shits that came out from my foul mouth.
I realised I'm just a SORELOSER living under the drain. Sorry to those I criticized blindly. Thank god for making me realising, at least I did.

Ill stop talking like a bitch now I suppose. Ha ha.

Whats this?

"Some girls were born independent, some girls crave for attention all the time. Sought over every opportunities they can take. Out of desperation. Nothing is impossible." - The Truth.

Have a nice day,

Best regards,

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentines

Happy Valentines to all lovers.!

Valentines, day for lovers. So what am I gonna do if I dont have one?

Luckily Suah had some stuff coming.. Gonna play squash for the first ever time tonight.. and its on Valentine's Night.. Woohoo!

And i got myself something for Valentine.. how pathetic..

A scene from I Am Legend acted by Will Smith if you can remember.

A Ford GT500 Mustang Shelby. Sweetest American Muscle ever built..

This is the one used in the latest Knight Rider series, Shelby GT500KR.
Can you dig the Cobra ?

And if you can really remember, this is another Mustang by Saleen in Transformers the Movie, portrayed by Barricade.

You will see more when I'm free to do some outdoor shots.
I just cant find anywhere nice to do shots. And with my kusut 5.1MP camera. Gerrhh!..

Have a nice day,

Best regards,